Monday, February 1, 2010

Stunning Euphoria

Jshox would like to apologize for being silent for more than a week after the greatest moments in Saints' history.

But it just goes to figure, after starting this blog in preseason, I get sidelined by a work/living transition during a part of the year none of us have ever seen the Saints still alive.

Saints Alive!

I'm feeling pretty good about this  matchup with the Colts. For one thing, I can't think of a single game where the Colts lit up an opponent like what we did to the Giants, Hoodies, and Cardinals. Peyton's team has been on survivor-mode all season.

But give Sean and Drew a couple weeks to plan and design and, oila, the Pats and Cardinals are burned to smithereens.

History is on our side. I even say the NFL's whorific attempt to claim rights to 'Who Dat!' is, in part, a presumption that a dynasty could possibly be in the making, although the corporate vermin who run  the NFL didn't care who said 'Who Dat!' or sold a shirt with the phrase for the past 30 years.

Whatever. I have to admit that when this blog started, I, jshox, thought it was more likely Shockey himself would 'badass' it  back to the Pro Bowl before the Saints reached the Super Bowl. But I prefaced  the description of this blog with 'Saints Win the Super Bowl!' So consider this site a token to destiny.


  1. Hey Jeremy,

    Where's the Super Bowl blog entry?

  2. Shockey's been cut! Good luck with whatever team you play for. Please don't play in the NFC South, that would suck.

  3. K whatever, good luck with the Panthers